Terms of use of photographs and videos

All rights reserved Skretting. The images contained in this image bank are copyright Skretting and remain the property of Skretting, even when reproduced by third parties. Unless otherwise indicated, photos, illustrations, video and other materials from this database may be used freely for branding, PR, marketing, creating interest in or otherwise build the reputation of Skretting. It is not permitted without prior agreement to further distribute, sell or publish material from the database without the agreement.


Source and photographer must be expressed in terms of crediting under or beside the image/video that is used / published.

Credits should be given in this form: PHOTO: Skretting/John Doe
If no person indicated on the photo/video: Skretting

Changes can be made in the form of snippets of photos. Photos must not be altered or rendered so Skretting or photographer's reputation is violated.

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